Sport Games of Global Chemicals  Time:2017/7/14 17:23:38  [Back]

 July 14, 2017, 2017 Global Sport Games was held as scheduled with the theme “New Start, Move Forward” in the Global Industrial Zone. The day of the events: the opening shows were filled up with youth; the game was intense and fierce; the dinner was full of laughter. The games gave competitors a chance to show themselves. Through the cooperation, they can enhance understanding of each other and increase the cohesion of all staff.

In the competition, all the staff including our branch office was divided into four teams. There were twelve items in the game, which were competitive and interesting. The competition had two parts. One was beginning in the morning, another was in the afternoon. Every team had their members joined each game to compete. In the final of the competition, the champion is “Long Juan Feng” that was combined Marketing Dept. and Water Agent Workshop. The runner-up was “Yuan Hang Team”. It was consisted of Personnel Administration and other joint departments. “Tuo Bao Team” and “Tai Hang Team” were tied for third place. All in all, 2017 Sport Games of Global Chemicals was held successfully.