【Recommendation in May. 2017】Silicone CM-688 weak cationic pale yellow to yellow transparent liquid

No characteristic odor;Impart cooling, 
resilient and delicate hand feel to cotton Lycra;
Make the colored fabrics reach the effect 
of deepening and brightening


Apply to cooling, resilient and delicate finishing 
of cotton Lycra, cotton, linen, viscose and
their blended fabrics.

【Recommendation in May. 2017】Silicone QN-300 weak cationic blue to colorless transparent liquid

Impart soft, smooth and fluffy hand feel to fabrics;
Impart soft, smooth and skin feel to nylon woven 
fabrics with good elastic resilience;Fluffing and 
sanding finishing of all kinds of velvet; Soft and 
smooth finishing of yarn and sweaters

Apply to softening and fluffing finishing of chemical
fibres; Suitable for pilling and sanding finishing of
all kinds of velvet fabrics.

【Recommendation in May. 2017】Silicone HS-606 weak cationic light yellow emulsion

Impart fluffy, smooth and rebound hand feel 
to fabrics, has no effect on the shade;
Impart good luster, brightness and antistatic 
to fabrics;Has salt and alkali resistance, 
also has the compatibility of otherauxiliaries 
agent;Not contain organotin compounds, 
in line with the standards of “Oeko-Tex Standard 
100” and the requirement of REACH regulations
issued in March 2017;"

Applicable to fluffy and smooth finishing of plush, 
coral velvet and sweater pilling and sanding;
Apply to fluffy, smooth and soft finishing of acrylic, 
polyester, nylon, viscose fiber;Applicable to 
smooth and resilient finishing of chemical fiber wig

【Recommendation in May. 2017】Silicone QS-50L very weak cationic pale yellow transparent liquid

Impart excellent soft, smooth, drape, delicate and 
cooling hand feel to cotton Lycra, cotton, 
cotton/nylon, cotton/polyester, polyester/viscose, 
modal and their blended fabrics;Impart wonderful
hydrophilicity to cotton fibre, return to natural and 
comfortable original performance of cotton fibre;
Has less impact on the whiteness, shade and 
color fastness of fabric;Has excellent resistance
with salt, alkali, anionic and heat stability; 
Can be re-dyed without removing the softener.


Suitable for soft, hydrophilic and cooling finishing
of cotton Lycra, cotton, cotton/nylon, cotton/polyester,
polyester/viscose, modal and their blended fabrics.

【Recommendation in May. 2017】Neutral cellulase powder SD-100 light yellow powder

Excellent abrasion effect and vivid contrast,
Lower back-staining

designed for denim fabric and garment washing 
to get a stone washed effect with vivid contrast, 
softness, low indigo back-staining in a short time

【Recommendation in May. 2017】Neutral cellulase N99 yellow brown liquid

Low weight and strength loss Can be used 
in dye bath And can be used for 
denim washing to get clear figure 

For biopolishing treatment of cotton, linen, cotton
blended fabric in order to get a smooth surface 
and line sharpness, and also be used 
for abrasion in denim to get clear figure.

【Recommendation in May. 2017】Acid cellulase C18 light brown liquid

High biopolishing efficiency and low weight and 
strength loss,excellent biopolishing effect on 
denim and knitting fabric

can be used for biopolishing treatment of cotton,
linen, blended fabric in order to get a smooth 
surface and line sharpness, and also be used for
abrasion in denim to get clear figure.  

【Recommendation in May. 2016】XPE-800 Weak Cationic Milky yellow viscous liquid

AEEA free; Has very good salt, alkali and 
anionic resistance and heat stability; 
Impart fabrics excellent fluffy, soft, 
resilient and smooth hand feel; 
Has outstanding hydrophilicity and 
antistatic properties to cotton fabrics;
Can be re-dyed without removing the softener;
Had no adverse effect on fabric whiteness.

Applied to hydrophilic, fluffy and softening finishing 
of cotton, T/C knitted fabric and woven fabric;
Suitable for hydrophilic, fluffy and softening f
inishing of towel fabric;  For sanding and fleecing 
to cotton fabric, especially for sanding finishing
to high salt and high alkali dyed fabric;
It can be used on setting machine 
in dyeing house and washing plant ;    

【Recommendation in March 2016】Mercerized Wool Smoothing Agent OP-33 Weak cationic Milky white liquid

To give wool and their blended fabric 
silky-smooth, soft, and fluffy hand feeling. 
Enhance the color brightness of fabric.  
Improve the wrinkle recovery and resilience 
of fabric.Has good compatibility, 
and can be used after compounded with cationic 
or nonionic auxiliaries. Especially for
smoothing finishing treatment 
of wool and acrylic fiber.

Suitable for softening finishing treatment 
of wool and their blended fabric.

【Recommendation in March 2016】Low Viscosity Silicone LVS-1 Weak cationic Light yellow transparent liquid

Give fabric soft, elastic and fluffy hand feel.
Low yellowing, and little influence on whiteness
and shade of fabrics.Has good salt resistance, 
alkali resistance and excellent heat stability.
Can be used directly or diluted
with water at any ratio.


Suitable for the softening finishing treatment
of cotton, linen, chemical fiber and their
blended fabrics.Also applied to padding,
dipping and spraying process.
Can be used directly or diluted with water.


【Recommendation in September 2015】 Hydrophilic Cooling And Smoothing Agent CM-908 Very weak cationic Light yellow transparent liquid

Impart fabric excellent soft, silky-smooth, 
drape, exquisite and cool feeling; 
Has excellent  resistance with salt, 
alkali, anionic and heat stability;  
Minimal impact; can be re-dyed 
without removing the softener.

For softening, hydrophilic and 
cooling finishing treatment of 
cotton Lycra, cotton, cotton/nylon, 
cotton/polyester, polyester/viscose, 
model and their blended fabric.

【Recommendation in March 2015】 COOLING AND SMOOTHING AGENT CM-288 Weak Cationic Pale yellow transparent liquid

 To give fabric excellent soft, drape, 
smooth and cool feeling; Good electrolyte 
esistance mechanical stabilityMinimal 
impact on the whiteness and color of fabric; 
Improve the sewed and recovery ability of fabric; 
Can be used for ordinary soft and smooth finishing 
agent when the dosage be changed.     

To give soft, smooth and cool feeling 
of cotton, cotton/nylon, T/C, 
modal fiber and blended fabric.  

Smooth silicone finishing agent ME-30/Multifunctional silicone Weak Cationic Milky white fluid

Excellent film-forming properties, good smoothness and softness.

Suitable for cotton, Chemical fiber and blended fabric.

Fluffing silicone GB-348 Nonionic Milky white fluid

Soft and antistatic properties,
Hydrophilic and compatibility properties.

Synthetic fabrics for raising, sanding and fleece fluff.