CHEMICAL FIBER CO-POLYMER SILICONE QR-518 Very Weak Cationic Yellow transparent liquid

 Give fabric soft, slippery, fluffy, rebound 
and drape handle;Has very good salt
and alkali resistant, anionic resistance; 
Can be re-dyed without removing 
the softener; Low yellowing, 
good durability and soil-releasing.

 Suitable for all kinds of chemical 
fiber of soft, slippery, fluffy and 
rebound finishing;Apply to the raising, 
sanding finishing f all kinds of Velvets 
and softening finishing of yarn, 
sweaters;  Apply to softening 
finishing of cotton, linen, viscose 
and blended fabrics;Applicable to 
both dye house and washing factory.

HYDROPHILIC CO-POLYMER SILICONE QS-218 Very Weak Cationic Pale yellow or transparent liquid

 Impart fabrics soft, smooth and elastic 
resilience; Good salt, alkali and 
anionic resistance and heat stability; 
Excellent hydrophilic and antistatic properties;
Can be re-stained without removing softener;
Very low yellowing, minimal impact 
on the whiteness and color of fabric.

Apply to cotton, cotton/polyester knitted 
and woven fabrics hydrophilic soft finishing;
Also applies to the towel fabric hydrophilic 
soft finishing; Also applies to 
the towel fabric hydrophilic soft finishing.

【Recommendation in June 2014】 Weak Cationic Pale yellow transparent liquid

 Impart fabric excellent soft, drape, 
smooth hand feel;Minimal impact 
on the whiteness and color of fabric;
Improve the hydrophilicity, permeability 
and compatibility ability of fabrics;
With the electrolyte resistance and 
good mechanical stability;
With good salt, alkali and heat resistance.

 To give soft, smooth feeling of cotton, 
cotton/nylon, T/C, polyester/viscose, 
modal fiber and blended fabric;
Suitable for dyeing and washing plants.

【Recommendation in June 2014】 Very Weak Cationic Light yellow transparent liquid

Give fabric outstanding soft, smooth,
rebound, soft handle;Has very good
salt and alkali resistant, anionic
resistance and heat stability;
Good hydrophilic and antistatic
property;Can be re-dyed without removing
the softener; No yellowing, no adverse effect
on fabric whiteness and color shade.

Suitable for cotton, cotton/polyester,
knitted fabric, woven fabric of hydrophilic,
soft, smooth finishing;Apply to the
hydrophilic and softening treatment
of towel fabric;Applicable to the dye
house and washing factory.

【Recommendation in April 2014】 Weak Cationic Pale yellow emulsion

To give soft, smooth, fluffy hand feel
to the fabrics;To give PV velvet, flannel,
coral velvet soft, fluffy and smooth, delicate touch;
Imparts good luster and brightness,
whiteness and a small effect on the fabric shade;
Hydrophilic, low yellowing; Easy decontamination
and antistatic properties;Good alkali resistance
and good heat and anionic stability.

For PV velvet, flannel, coral velvet,
polar fleece raising soft, fluffy finishing;
For polyester, cotton, polyester / cotton,
polyester / viscose, linen and blended
fabrics excellent soft, smooth finishing.

Amino silicone SO-2100 series Weak Cationic Colorless or pale blue transparent fluid

 Elastic and full handle 

Antistatic, washability and 
low yellowing properties.

For cotton, wool, linen, polyester
and their blended fabrics.

Block copolymer silicone SY series Weak Cationic Transparent viscous liquid

Soft and smooth handfeel, salt and
alkali resistance of anions and
heat stability, low yellowing.

Especially for Synthetic fabrics, cotton,
linen, polyester; Can be bathed
with paint color paste, printing paste,
stiffening agents and brighteners.

Block copolymer silicone DY series Weak Cationic Colorless or pale blue transparent fluid

Has excellent smooth, resilient feel

Hydrophilic and Antifouling.

Suitable for various types of polyester
fibers for fabrics and yarn, sweaters,
socks and knitted fabric.


Wool smoothing agent OP-30 Weak Cationic Milky white fluid

Good coating ability
Long term smoothness
and shrinking resistance.

Suitable for wool ,acrylic fiber,
and other woven and knitted fabrics.


Fluffing silicone GB-348 Nonionic Milky white fluid

Soft and antistatic properties 
Hydrophilic and compatibility properties.

 Synthetic fabrics for raising,

sanding and fleece fluff.

Good hand feeling silicone DSY-821/821S Weak Cationic colorless or pale blue transparent fluid

"Very prominent fluffy and soft, smooth rebound
hand feel; low yellowing, good heat stability;
good salt and  alkali resistance, resistance to
hard water".


"Applied to polyester, nylon, cotton,
hemp and blended fabrics, also applies
to the yarn, sweater,  suitable for the softening
treament of washing plant."

Plush Agent KY-123 Weak Cationic Milky white liquid

soft and smooth style; Low yellowing;  
good filming alility ,good stretching back
and lasting piloerection.


For flexible finishing  treatment of cotton,
chemical fiber and blended fabric ,
especially for plush fabric finishing.

Hydrophilic block QS-318 of silicone oil (QS-218) Weak Cationic Pale yellow transparent liquid

 With soft, smooth and fluffy rebound effect; 
good resistance to saline alkali resistant 
anion and heat stability; good hydrophilicity; 
low yellowing; can directly color repair and re dyeing.

For hydrophilic softening of  cotton knitted
and woven fabrics,terry fabrics, chemical fiber
and blended fabric.

Chemical fiber block silicone extrasensory finishing agent QR-518 Weak Cationic Yellow transparent liquid

 Impart the fabric soft, smooth and fluffy,

springback drape and delicate touch;

low yellowing, excellent resistance

to salt and alkali resistance and resistance

to certain anionic; dyeing fabric finishing

if need to change the dye, do not have to

remove the softener can color repair and re dyeing

Applicable to all kinds of chemical fiber

fabric soft and fluffy, smooth and springback finishing;

also suitable for various velvet suede,

sanding and finishing and yarn,

sweater hand finishing; also used in cotton, linen,

rayon and blended fabric softness and smooth finish;

suitable for dyeing factory, also suitable for washing plant.

Multi function smoothing agent HS-608 Weak Cationic Pale yellow emulsion

 Impart the fabric soft, smooth, fluffy, springback

drape feel; having a low yellowing,

increase fresh Zeng Yan, easy cleaning,

alkali resistance, anion and good thermal stability.

 Suitable for acrylic, wool, yarn, sweater,

polyester / cotton, polyester / viscose soft,

smooth and fluffy finishing;

Also suitable for coral velvet,polar fleece

 suede soft,smooth and fluffy finishing

High concentration of smooth agent HR-301 Weak Cationic Light yellow transparent liquid

Give PV cashmere, cashmereis not inverted, flannel,

coral cashmere soft, fluffy, smooth,rebound and delicate

touch;having a low yellowing,good decontamination,

antistatic performance

Applicable to PV cashmere,cashmere is not inverted,

flannel, coral velvet suede soft,fluffy and smooth finish;

Also applied to polyester,acrylic, wool sweater and

yarn soft and fluffy, elastic,smooth finish

Special soft smooth agent HM-808 for cotton Weak Cationic Light yellow transparent liquid

 Endue cotton, C/T, viscose,

 modal fiber is soft, drape, 

smooth and delicate touch; 

a certain degree of hydrophilicity, 

low yellowing and good resistance to salt, 

alkali resistance and heat resistance.

 It is suitable for cotton, cotton / nylon, 

C/T and viscose and modal fiber and

 its blended fabric soft and smooth 

hand feel finishing; used for 

dyeing factory, washing plant.

Multifunctional silicone oil WY-80 Weak Cationic Transparent viscous body

 Endowed with polyester, cotton, 

hemp and blended fabrics feel soft,

 fluffy and smooth rebound,

Has good resistance to hard water 

and low yellowing, 

also has a very good price.

Suitable for polyester, cotton and blended fabrics, 

also can be used for yarn, sweater, socks, 

knitted fabric softener finishing,

 can be used for dyeing factory and washing plant.